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Rose City Sing-Off will be November 7, 2020

We are rescheduling the 2020 Rose City Sing-Off to Saturday November, 7 2020. We are all concerned about the Corona Virus and we are planning to reschedule the event to the above date. We will have more information over the coming months and we continue to wish the best for all of you and your families during this time.

ICHSA Quarterfinal Shout Out

Congratulations to the Mixolydians for taking First Place
Choralaires: Second Place
Rhythmix; West Albany: Third Place

All three of these schools will be participating in the semi-finals March 28th at the Elsinore Theater. The winner will head to New York City to participate in the finals.

Outstanding Soloist: Rachel Doyel of Mixolydians for "Tears"
Outstanding Vocal Percussion: Gavin Fleming of Mixolydians for the entire set
Outstanding Arrangement: Sylvia Harrington of Rhythmix for "Gravity"
Outstanding Choreography: Mixolydians for the entire set

Congratulations OCHS Sound Check!

Congratulations to OCHS Sound Check who won 1st place at the Bend A Cappella Festival two years in a row. The Bend A Cappella Festival was held from February 20-22, 2020.


West Albany Musical Mary Poppins

February 28,29
March 6,7
March 13,14

2019 Awards

First Place

Something Blue - McNary High School - 353 points

Second Place

Rhythmix - West Albany High School - 343 points

Third Place

Sound Check - Oregon City High School - 340 points


  • Best Vocalist: Veronica Reyes, McNary, Something Blue
  • Best Vocal Percussionist: Christopher Vega DeLeon, South Albany, Ascend
  • Best Choreography: McNary, Something Blue
  • Best Ensemble Sound: South Albany, Ascend
  • Best Arrangement: Liberty High School, Falcon Phenomenon



  • 2019 McNary High School: Something Blue
  • 2018 Lincoln High School: Vivace
  • 2017 Lincoln High School: Vivace
  • 2016 Sherwood High School: Mixolydians
  • 2015 Sherwood High School: Mixolydians
  • 2014 Wilsonville High School: Soul'd Out
  • 2013 Wilsonville High School: Soul'd Out
  • 2012 Wilsonville High School: Soul'd Out
  • 2011 Wilsonville High School: Soul'd Out
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